Welcome to Language Institute of MCU

From the vision of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University to develop MCU to be the center of the Buddhist studies both national and international levels which makes university have the policy to establish the language institute of MCU on B.E 2552/ 2009 by the Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Phra Dhammakosajarn, the rector of MCU emphasized on the matter that:

            “The mission of the university and the important activity is to proceed besides the teaching especially, the international Buddhist conference in occasion of United Nations day of Vesak, in which MCU was the main host to organize 3 consecutive years and the worldwide Buddhists resolved Buddhamonthon as the center of the Buddhism of the world. Whereas, the result of organizing this activity makes us know that the university is lack of the personnel with the knowledge of language. Therefore, university established the language institute to support as the center of the world Buddhism. However, nowadays the nations following Buddhism around the world are more interested in sending their personnel to study at MCU”

            As the director of language institute of MCU together with all the teachers and staffs of Language institute. We have commitment and responsibility in the missions assigned to us from the university to develop language institute as the true learning center. As well as, for the people interested in using language institute as the wiz park in developing language skills.

            Besides this, language institute of MCU will dedicate to develop curriculums and administration efficiently, collaborating language institutes in and abroad by using language as the equipment integrating with new knowledge for changing the life of the student, to step towards a better life and to build up a society peacefully together forever.